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The treatment of dizziness, nasal congestion, tinnitus, incomplete memory, high and low intracranial pressure, emotional instability, neurologic imbalance in the brain, facial nerve pain, pharyngitis and other parts can promote the use of intracranial fever special rings, increase oxygen energy and blood circulation, smooth every pipe, and make the backlog of exhaust and negative energy and injury The ability to repair parts of the body enhances body function and body shape.

Feel five sense of aromatherapy to keep you away from the city's pollution, take yourself into the old aromatic SPA, remove the trouble for you, remove the cranium toxin for the busy brain, boost the spirit, strengthen the immunity, delay the aging, and make our thinking more agile. The feeling of five fragrance into the natural fragrance and the success of the cause.

The characteristics of incense ear candle: no smoke, no ash, flame stability, safe use (no temperature after burning candle), no injury to the skin, containing high quality pure essential oil.

Usage: side lying, use cotton ball to plug the other side ear, insert ear candle into ear, ignite the other end, burn it to safety line and extinguish it.

Operation steps

1. first adjust indoor lighting to warm, keep the room quiet and avoid air convection.

2. preparation items: a pair of aromatherapy ear candles, lighters, paper towels, a glass of water and cotton swabs.

3. use a lighter to ignite the fragrant ear candle, and then put it into the ear vertically after burning. One hand is fixed (with help from others)

4. when the fragrant ear candle burns to the centimeter of the aura, it can be removed and put into the water cup to extinguish. Then clean your ears with wet cotton swabs and continue on the other side.


Ear perforation, purulent stage ear disease, fungal infection, and ear candle allergy.

The effect of aromatherapy ear candles:

Lighten the pressure of the canal in the ear canal and the sinuses

Remove redundant earwax safely and effectively

Reduce the symptoms of tinnitus and ear itching, and strengthen hearing.

Help to improve the ability to resist infection

Strengthen the sense of taste and hearing

Lighten the headache and the dizziness of the brain

Ear candles are suitable for people:

People engaged in outdoor work

People with a lot of dust in the working environment

People who feel earplugs and allergies

People with nasal sinus infection and excessive earwax

People who participate in water activities

People wearing hearing aids

People who are doing a course of aromatherapy care

Cautions for ear candles:

Each ear candle burns for about 10 minutes. When it approaches the police line, it will extinguish the burning head and not extinguish it. If there are residues and bacteria in the ear, there will be a slight noise, which is a normal phenomenon. It is necessary to cooperate with essential oils to do detoxification on the back and face, so as to achieve good results. Don't swim or put your head in the water for 24 hours after you've finished your ears. Use small cotton in your ears for 2 to 3 hours. A few people return to the phenomenon that the residue is very tight or can not be ruled out. It is suggested that a few drops of base oil be taken out of the ear ear after a few days.

Ear candles are not suitable for people:

People with eardrum perforation, pregnant women, menstrual period and ear suppurative.

The course time of ear candles:

It is recommended to use 1 - 2 pairs of ear candles. The basic maintenance can be 7 days / times; those who have tinnitus or ear symptoms are 7 days /2 times.
Package:1 pair*Ear candles