Heel Grips Self Adhesive Soft Heel Cushion Instep Protector Blister Resistant Heel Pads


The PE foam has good abrasion resistance and cushioning performance. These PE foam made pads are comfortable to touch and self adhesive. Light and thin, sweat-absorbent, skin-friendly. To relief pain, it prevents heel and instep from pressure, calluses, blisters and irritation.


- Color: Nude Color
- Material: PE foam
- Size: 11.1x6.6x0.2cm
- Backing has been applied with glue in advance, so there is no need to use tape or apply gule again. 
- Nude color is hard to be noticed when it sticks to the skin closely.
- Prevents heel from being rubbed to injury.
- Good abrasion resistance and cushioning performance.
- Guard against blister, corn, abrasion, etc.