Anti-aging and Acne Serum

Lavender Essence Liquid Hydrating Acne Serum Anti-aging Whitening Moisuring 10ml


  • Amino acid humectants: to promote the regeneration of old waste cells

  • Dehydration of water: to promote the old waste cell metabolism

  • Efficacy:
    Lavender Liquid is the use of nanotechnology, with superior penetration and oxidation stability, with a hydrophilic lipophilic dual characteristics, can promote the synthesis of collagen, fade freckles and age spots,pigmentation spots or other sunburn and wrinkles, eliminate pock, repair damaged and uneven skin,can quickly get rid of the dull pigmentation,show white skin.

  • Method of use:
    Clean face,apply proper amout of this prouct evently on face,message gently till fullly absorded,can be used to join other skincare
    product at the same time,suitable for the whole body.

  • Suitable skin types:
    Suitable for all skin types,especially for uneven skin tone,dull yellow and pigmentation skin,very sensitive skin appropriate reduction.

  • NET WT:10ml

  • Shelf life:3 years

Package Includes:

  • 1*10ml Lavender Liquid 

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