Men's Floating Rotary Electronic Shaver Luxury Exterior shavor



Function: shaving, clippers repairable temples 

Charging 220v-240v 50hz, charging plug 

1, gift box, easy to carry, is your travel and gifts friends and family the best choice. 

2, built-in rechargeable battery, AC power directly charge, built-in charging plug, a charge indicator. 

3, reciprocating head, shaving more responsive to facial contours. 

Strong power, especially for beard rough friend, but very practical 

4, artificial design, feel good, the use of very smart, shaving strong and comfortable. 

5, luxury hardcover, even more personal taste, even more distinctive. 

6, independent single head reciprocating floating head design, automatic grinding blade knife net. When shaving, the blades are ground with a hard alloy grille, so the blades are always sharp. 

7, with scraping temples, stylish appearance. 

8, Annex: exquisite gift box packaging, cleaning brush, brochures 

【Shaving Tips】 

1, shaved before the use of hot water softened beard, so that the pores open, and clean the skin. 

2, dipped in shaving oil or shaving cream to make shaving process more smoothly, and protect the skin. 

3, using shaving cream, rub for at least 20 seconds to make it bubble. 

4, to scrape badger hair brush beard, so not close to the face, and soften the beard. 

5, choose a good texture of the razor, the grip has the appropriate weight and a good balance. 

6, along the beard growth direction of curettage, if the reverse shaving will lead to razor damage and may make the beard to the skin growth. If the throat beard growth direction and the face of the opposite, such as the upward growth, it must be shaved up. 

7, Do not apply pressure on the razor, or may cause razor damage and stimulate the skin. Just gently slide the razor in the face. 

8, shaved after cold water rinse, help to shrink pores. After the ban on the use of all alcohol-like products. 

9, if accidentally scratched, please use the wet Ming Fanshi or lip balm to help stop bleeding. 

10, the final rinse shaved brush, control to moisture, the bristles down on the shaving rack to dry.