Mini Facial Massager Pocket Portable Face lift Artifact Massage Face lift Tools Roller Type

100% new high quality.
Color: As shown in the picture
How to use:
Face: Roll up the roll from the chin and massage, massage for about 10 minutes.
Fingers: Move around, a little bit of force, a massage about 10 minutes.
Arm: To massage the location, a little bit of force, do the left and right to move back, a massage about 10 minutes.
1, please place young children cannot be obtained.
2, please do not pull hard or too hard to use, so as not to damage the wheel.
3, after use of the rollers please rinse with water after the wind dry preservation.
4, the use of each time please do not grow, also do not use too hard, so as not to cause damage.
5, skin more sensitive or moist rash, pox, such as the skin, please do not use, to avoid speeding up the blood loop.
6, please do not use in other uses.
Packing: Roller slim face device